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This Costly Mistake Could Slam Profits

browser url displaying not secure
Is your website secure?

Google has announced in 2018 that all HTTP sites will be marked as “Not secure”. That means if your visitors are using Google Chrome to surf the web and you’re not using SSL, your site will be marked as “non-secure”.

For the past several years, we’ve moved toward a more secure web by strongly advocating that sites adopt HTTPS encryption. … Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”.


Are your visitors hitting the “back” button?

According to W3 Counter, as of December 2018, 62.9% of web users are using Google Chrome. You don’t want 62.9% of your visitors thinking your website is NOT SECURE do you? No, you don’t!

If your website isn’t secure, your customers are less likely to make a purchase, give you their email. They may not even fill out a form if they think hackers can access their information.

Don’t worry, though, because we can fix that. TC Design will set up your new website on a secure server. One that can be encrypted so you won’t get the dreaded label of “Not secure”.

You’ll save a lot of money having us do it instead of one those high-priced IT companies that want to scare you into thinking it’s expensive and really hard to do.

Secure websites load faster

Secure websites load faster than non-secure sites and sites that load faster get higher rankings on search engines. That means if your competition’s site isn’t secure and yours is you’ll likely get better rankings.

Better search rankings mean you have a better chance of reaching customers first. Plus,when your site is secure your visitors will feel safer.

Sites marked as “Not secure” can evoke a lack of trust from your visitors. Securing your site can give your visitors peace of mind. They will feel that your site can be trusted and that their information is safe.

At TC Design, we understand the importance of trust. That’s why we will never sell you anything you don’t want or need. Click the button below to get started.

Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. That’s TC Design!