Laptop computer and mobile phone

Foolproof Way to Happier Customers

More than ever before consumers are using mobile devices to access the Internet. According to a recent Pew study, 80% of American men and 75% of American women own a smartphones. Those numbers are similar in almost every demographic. Even 46% of Americans age 65 and older own smartphones.

Websites should fit all screen sizes

That means that your site should fit the screen of mobile devices. Smartphones, tablet PCs, netbooks, and laptops all display websites differently. If your site doesn’t fit properly or is hard to navigate, visitors to your website will leave. This is very good for your competition and very bad for you.

Responsive websites adapt to various screen sizes. They are easy to navigate, make better use of smaller spaces, adjust font and image sizes to for better viewing and load fast.

Faster load times

Faster load time is especially important to visitors that are using their cell data to view the Internet. Almost one-half of viewers won’t wait more than two seconds for a page to load and will leave if it takes three seconds or longer.

Adjust your website layout

There are a variety of adjustments that can make your website more mobile friendly:

  • Avoid pop-ups. They can cover the small screens and be impossible to close
  • Use drop-down menus for easier navigation
  • Don’t use Flash or videos that won’t display on mobile devices
  • Use correct font sizes so content is easier to read
  • Make the site “tap friendly” by allowing space between clickable components
  • Compress images to improve load time
  • Adjust images and blocks of text to align properly on small screens

A responsive website is better

A properly designed responsive website can create a better experience for your visitors, reduce page load time and help your website get better search engine rankings.

At TC Design, we understand the importance of improving your website performance and providing a positive experience for your visitors. We know you want a website that will load fast and look good on all screen sizes. Let us help you build it. Start today by clicking the button below.

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